Fast testing

HAVER® D-SOLV Tester – test unit for examining material disintegration

Summary: In many areas of the engineering sciences, precise knowledge of material
and substance properties and their characterization and classification is a requirement
for laying out and designing processing machines and equipment. The tests and studies involved there in are as a rule labor-intensive and costly. As a result much effort is expended in limiting the necessary tests and using the simplest possible test processes for the first preliminary studies. This is what compelled HAVER ENGINEERING in developing the new HAVER® D-SOLV Tester – a test instrument for examining the disintegration behavior of loose bulk materials.

1 Fundamentals of disintegration behavior

The disintegration behavior of materials is of great importance especially in geo-engineering, soil mechanics or mineral processing. Disintegration behavior is used in geo-engineering for laying out and designing tunnel boring machines. Especially with not so hard rock (e.g. argillaceous rock), the support of the working face for improving stability using an earth pressure balance shield may be necessary. By using this process, the loosened rock is transformed into slurry with special properties, such as a soft to mushy consistency, has a water...

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