Golden Anniversary

The journal AT INTERNATIONAL – Mineral Processing began its existence with the publication of its first edition in January, 1960. As the foreword to the first issue states, “the problems of solid mineral resources in the various branches of industry are to be examined here in detail”. Another task envisaged was “to assure interchange of experience on the status of preparation and processing technology in the many and diverse branches of industry”. The first article published in AT (on page 1!), “The significance of preparation for the modern mineral resources industry”, examined in extremely...

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Issue 06/2017

New technologies and trends in the (inter)national mineral-resources industry

The joint event organised by the GDMB (Society of Metallurgists and Miners) Deposits/Raw Materials Industry Expert Committee and the German Federation of International Mining and Mineral Resources...

Issue 01-02/2011

Primary and secondary minerals preparation

Preparation und recycling, Freiberg/Germany (10.-11.11.2010)

The annual “Preparation und Recycling” conference organized by the UVR e.V. and FIA e.V. Freiberg associations, with significant involvement by UVR-FIA GmbH, has been held in the second week of...

Issue 01-02/2024 Review

Symposium for mineral processing technology 2023

Processing experts meet once a year in March in Freiberg – the event has become a permanent fixture at which not only experts from the university sector, but also many specialists from industry,...

Issue 11/2014 How long are our mineral resources going to last?

Scarcity of Mineral Resources

How long are our mineral resources going to last?

1 Introduction Indium is one of the world’s rarest mineral resources. In its elemental form, the heavy metal has only seldom been found in minerals, although it was proven to be present in rock...

Issue 05/2012

Seminar on Mineral Processing 2012 at Leoben/Austria

Already for the tenth time in succes- sion, the technical-scientific society of the Austrian Mining Association (BVÖ) joined together with the Mineral Processing Committee of the Austrian Mining...