Golden Anniversary

The journal AT INTERNATIONAL – Mineral Processing began its existence with the publication of its first edition in January, 1960. As the foreword to the first issue states, “the problems of solid mineral resources in the various branches of industry are to be examined here in detail”. Another task envisaged was “to assure interchange of experience on the status of preparation and processing technology in the many and diverse branches of industry”. The first article published in AT (on page 1!), “The significance of preparation for the modern mineral resources industry”, examined in extremely...

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Issue 2013-07-08


Dear Readers Do you already know our Newsletter? The AT ­Newsletter will leave our house before the AT Mineral Processing hot off the press will be on your desk. There you will find references to...


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The English-language AT MINERAL PROCESSING Worldwide deals with technical solutions in the processing of mineral raw materials and offers market overviews, plant reports and scientific-technical...

Issue 2015-11


Dear Readers Economic development without creativity and courage for research giving new ­momentum? Unthinkable! One of the most important driving forces of technical innovations, in particular in...

Issue 2010-09

Hosokawa Alpine Aktiengesellschaft

The mineral resources industry, driven by new applications and substitution competition in mineral products, has already undergone breathtaking development in the field of ultra-fine mineral powders....

Issue 2010-12

Limited resources

Dear Readers Do you actually know how many mobile-phones, ­ i-phones or laptops were sold last year and of exactly what materials they are made? All the technical gadgets, which make our life...