Keestrack World Dealer Meeting 2010 in Norway

About 90 people from 19 countries attended the World Dealer Meeting in Sarpsborg/Norway on 05.-06.10.2010, where Keestrack with their dealer Fredheim Maskin AS holds a market share of 80 % within the environment of track-mobile screening equipment. Keestrack Group President Kees Hoogendoorn gave a detailed overview of the product range of Keestrack mobile crushing and screening equipment. He further introduced all Keestrack Group companies in Belgium, Czech, China, Italy, India and USA and gave a short overview of the Keestrack history, future and the business philosophy.


Part of the meeting was to see the mobile crushers and screeners in action in a nearby granite quarry (Fig. 1). On show were several Keestrack and OMTRACK Jaw Crushers in line with different Keestrack screens and scalpers. Smallest crusher on show was the group’s best selling track mobile crusher Argo, a 1000 x 600 mm jaw crusher with approx. 30 t weight followed by the new developed brother Cruiser, a 36 t 1000 x 600 mm jaw crusher with active double deck pre-screen and the bigger brother, Giove, a 47 t 1100 x 750 mm jaw crusher with active double deck pre-screen. These high performance crushers are equipped with the OMTRACK patented N.S.S. (Non Stop System). This system protects the crusher against non-crushable material by opening the jaw setting to let the material pass. Afterwards the original setting will be automatically re-obtained without stopping.

One of the highlights was the new worked over Novum 4215 (Fig. 2), a 26 t high performance screener/scalper, with a newly designed engine compartment for utmost service access – the new quick removable right side conveyor to change the machine setup from a 3-split machine into a 2-split machine and vice versa within approximately 20 minutes time. The oversize conveyor is hydraulically lowered or raised for this purpose. This feature is welcomed by contractors who often have to adapt to different applications and client requirements.


Another highlight was the Keestrack “Key-Vision controller system”, reliable monitoring and controlling the screener and recognizing any distortion before damage occurs. Optional a copy screen panel can be installed in the cabin of the loader or excavator so the operator has all information and control at hand, without leaving his seat. Keestrack’s flagship Frontier 4518, is now optional available in different setups such as Heavy Duty Quarry scalper or as High Capacity Screener. The high capacity setup was demonstrated, capable of handling material flow in excess of 600 t/h. Mostly sold and appreciated in the Norwegian quarry market and best performing after bigger high capacity crushers. Pure excitement was seen in the faces of the service and the safety people when the fines discharge conveyor together with the screenbox of the explorer screening plant was lowered almost to the ground for maintenance purposes. The Keestrack Explorer is a true track mobile classifier screening plant available as 3-split and as 4-split screen with either a 1500 mm or 1800 mm wide screenbox.


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