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Issue 10/2016

Continuous filter bed cleaning with the Leiblein FlowSand filter

As an upwards flowing filter, Leiblein’s new FlowSand filter cannot only retain very fine particles from the feed medium on its sand filter, thanks to the simultaneous continuous filter bed cleaning,...

Issue 06/2017

Filter technology meets stone technology for optimized treatment of process water

Jogerst Steintechnologie works and shapes natural stone for a wide range of applications. Working stone is associated with a high input of process water. An effective and efficient treatment of the...

Issue 03/2023 ScrapeTec

Smart box: The DustScrape dust filter

In closed transfers systems to conveyor belts of cement works, particularly high pressure can develop and, despite effective side sealing at the chutes, there can be a lot of dust. The solution: the...

Issue 09/2023 Sustainable & smart

Recovery of filter dust with RHEWUM fine-cut screens

Usually, in efficient comminution systems, mills are operated in combination with screens. Instead of comminuting the entire product quantity, only that part of the product that is larger than the...

Issue 09/2015


Precision Tuning of Drilling Mud’s Viscosity and Density

Drilling fluids are added to the wellbore to facilitate the drilling process. Improvements in drilling technologies, including more efficient and effective drilling fluids, allow for drilling deeper,...