Modular screen panels with improved ­performance

Max plug-in screen panels (Fig.) are the latest product developed by Küper. Thanks to the further development of the Küper plug-in screen panel systems, the company has succeeded in combining the ruggedness of rubber and polyurethane screens with the open area typical of wire mesh screens. With their maximized open screening area, the MAX screen panels are similar to wire mesh surfaces, but achieve up to ten times longer service lifetimes compared to these. In durability tests, involving the dry screening of crushed material, results in the range of 200 000-350 000 t were achieved. The screening rate can be improved by up to 50 % compared to conventional rubber and polyurethane modular screens. The maximum screening area and flexible screening sections ensure outstanding efficiency during screening. Large, vibrating screen sections prevent blinding and plugging. Other advantages include the up to 40 % reduction in weight and a considerable reduction in noise emissions thanks to the use of rubber and polyurethane. The MAX plug-in system is available in all Küper rubber and polyurethane materials and modular systems, both for dry and wet screening. It can be used on all commercially available steel support structures (T sections, C-tube sections and angle sections).


Küper GmbH & Co. KG, Bochum (D),


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