Screening media focuses on aggregate producer profitability

Quarries, sand pits, and other aggregates suppliers are facing mounting pressures to produce the very highest quality aggregates, and in response to this the patent-pending WR modular screening media from Sandvik Mining (Fig. 1) and Construction has been developed for use on screens with longitudinal profiles. This enables aggregate producers enhanced high production capacity, together with the highest levels of screening accuracy. Easy to install, with no requirement for any screen modification ensures that down time is minimized, thereby providing aggregate producers with high production capacity, accurately sized material and increased operational efficiency leading to increased profitability.


At the very heart of the WR screening media is an anti-blinding system; this allows the media to screen even the most difficult of materials, very accurately and at high rates of production. The basis for this is a patent-pending production technique, and pioneering design, that gives an open production area far greater than that found in traditional modular media. This is achieved through the use of cross-mounted flexible screen panels a revolutionary wave like cascade effect is generated in the material bed which improves stratification, allowing undersize material to find a more rapid path to the screening surface.


In order to optimize screening accuracy, the WR modular screening media utilizes a fiber reinforced rubber screen membrane, which enables thinner panels with closer aperture spacing that maximizes the open screening area. Furthermore, by elevating the screen panels from the longitudinal support bars, the screen panels may be fully perforated from side liner to side liner. This absence of blind fields in the directional flow of material ensures maximum material separation, and minimizes the amount of undersized particles “carried-over” to the end product.


Use of the WR screening media ensures that operational downtime is minimized as the long lasting rubber and polyurethane materials used to make WR screen panels extend service intervals. Additionally the WR screen panels possess a built-in cross beam protection lip which, together with support bar rubber capping, protects the adapter system against wear. User friendly flexible use is ensured as replacing the screen panels (Fig. 2), when the need arises, may be easily accomplished as the wedge locking them into place may be quickly removed and reinstalled. This keeps change over time to a minimum, and as the absence of steel reinforcement makes the WR system light, which reduces the stress on the screen and bearings, there is a further reduction in the risk of unplanned production stops.

The Key benefits of the WR screening media may be summarized as:


• Optimized screening accuracy

• Higher capacity

• Minimized downtime

• No screen modifications needed

The new WR system is set to increase aggregate producer profitability as it will enable high quality aggregates to be produced at high production rates, and at the same time increase operational efficiencies. It has been developed to fit most screens on the market currently equipped with modular media on longitudinal profiles, and as it is made of rubber, or different grades of polyurethane, the screen panels are delivered cut to length in order to fit any screen width on the market. Highly productive, accurate, tough wearing, easily replaced, and environmentally focused, the WR screening media from Sandvik is set to become a key tool in the aggregate producers armory.


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