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Different mesh types and crimp/weaving patterns with applications data and suggestions concerning fitting wire meshes in screens


This article will treat mainly wire mesh types, manufacturing methods, applications and implementations. The information is based on long field experience in wire screen manufacture, equipment design and development, the solving of pertinent screening problems in various parts of the world and helping screen producers to improve their working methods and technologies.

1 Separation of aggregates

Wire screens or meshes are the oldest and most efficient means of aggregates separation in terms of open area. They are irreplaceable in small as well as mobile screens with restricted screening surfaces.


For some time, people involved in the separation of aggregates have been using other screening medias, apart from wire meshes, that can be classified as:

• Rubber mats mainly used in mines and quarries on primary and secondary decks where the feed rate and size are too important for wire meshes. These mats are provided with tapered openings to reduce the phenomenon...

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