Precrusher in dual-shaft design

S.S.T. Schüttguttechnik GmbH has developed the solids dual-shaft lump crusher (Fig.) as a simple, low-cost and rugged precrusher. This ensures that downstream conveyors operate trouble-free, or the crusher can be used to produce an optimal feed size for downstream mills. This also reduces the energy consumption of the entire system. No air supply and air discharge are necessary. In the box-type casing, the entire cross-section of which is used as the product inlet and outlet, two crushing rollers with hardened toothed disks rotate in opposite directions. These opposing toothed disks do not engage with each other, but rotate at different circumferential speeds, so that the drawn-in material is subject to an additional shear effect. Adjustable comb-type scrapers prevent product build-up between the disks. The circumferential speed of the rollers is lower than 1 m/s so that products with a risk of dust explosion can also be processed. Thanks to the external bearings and the shaft seals with adjustable packing gland, higher temperatures are also possible. Protection against overload is provided by the slip clutch with torque monitoring.


S.S.T. Schüttguttechnik GmbH, Landsberg/Lech (D),

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