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Solids pivoting shutter, type SSP

In spite of the many locks for bulk solids available in the market, it is really not so easy to select the appropriate device for a combination of requirements. Compared to many other kinds of locking, the solids pivoting shutter, type SSP, has proved an outstanding success:

• For difficult bulk solids, a trouble-free material handling is ensured due to the completely free flow cross-section with opened valve. Thus, the wear is effectively minimized. No product coating or clogging can be formed due to the product flow without hindrance.

• Pressure-tight shutting-off up to 3 bars enables the use of the hollow-profile seal made of special elastomer, which can be pneumatically pressed on to the shutting disc and which is suitable for a continuous temperature of up to 240 °C.

• The valve has been tested by TÜV (safety standards authority) and has been approved according to the directive for pressure devices 97/23/EG.

• When being opened, the shutting disc swivels out horizontally and remains in the casing. There is no plate lead-through towards the outside and, consequently, no danger of gas or dust leakage to the outside.

• The operational reliability is ensured by the self-supporting, blockage-resistant shutting disc, even when closing in the product flow.

• The test connection according to TA-Luft (German Clean Air Standards) ensures additional safety.

• The design with casing and flange connection top and bottom is suitable as shut-off device both for the discharge from a pressure system and for feeding a pressure system (e.g. reactor, pressure conveying system).

• The valve is de-energized (safety position). The attached pneumatic system consists of solenoid valves, pressure controller and pressure switch.

• The outlet casing is pressure-resistant up to 0.5 bars, but it is also available up to 6 bars pressure-resistant as in the solids chamber valve, type DSP.

Solids chamber valve, type DSP

The solids chamber valve, type DSP, (Fig. 1), has the task of extracting powdery and granular solids from a pressure system or acting as entry lock into a pressure system. Frequently, difficult operating conditions have to be overcome. Furthermore, high reliability and a long service life of the sealing elements are required. The design of the solids chamber valve, type DSP:

• Two pressure-resistant or vacuum-resistant containers of up to 6 bars arranged one above the other, each equipped with a pressure-tight solids pivoting shutter, type SSP.

• A hollow-profile gate seal made of special elastomer and temperature-resistant up to 240 °C, which can be pressed on pneumatically.

• The shutting disc swivels horizontally towards the side.

• Pneumatic operation including complete electro-pneumatic installation, on request even with attached electrical control system.

The solids slide gate, type FSP-D

Pressure-tight slide gates may have a round, square or rectangular flow cross-section, from a nominal width of 150 mm. SST-Schüttguttechnik GmbH have been supplying pressure-tight slide gates, type FSP-D (Fig. 2) for many years, which have been approved as pressure-resistant operating units. A CE marking and the conformity declaration of the manufacturer are obligatory. The pressure-tight slide gates are used for dustproof and pressure-tight shutting-off of outlets of bulk solids containers or reactor inlets. At customers’ request all nominal widths and cross-sections can be manufactured. This increases the flexibility when intending to install them in already existing, specified flow openings. This device can be mounted without any problem at the required position due to the low installation height.

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