Trouble-free process safety

Reliably operating belt conveyors are the basis for trou-ble-free process safety. They are used in a wide range of industries in different environments (Fig. 1), like in the extreme weather conditions of quarrying operations. For the lubrication of drive or guide pulleys on belt conveyors (Fig. 2), it is often necessary to cover long distances. In addition, the lubrication points must be sealed against dirt and water in rough conditions. Regular feed of lubricant is made difficult by the constant rotation of the belts, which can also be very hazardous. If specified lubrication intervals are not observed, improper or insufficient bearing lubrication leads to damage to the conveyor system or even total failure of the system.


perma-tec is the leading manufacturer of automatic single-point lubrication systems. The lubrication systems can be programmed to discharge the exact amount of lubricant required by individual lubrication points over a certain period. This prevents over or under lubrication and contamination. Depending on requirements, the lubrication systems can even be integrated in a machine-dependent control system. With the use of perma lubrications systems, lubrication points are hermetically sealed against the ingress of water and dirt. The bearings on the belt conveyors are reliably supplied with lubricant and cost-intensive downtime is avoided. The automatic lubrication lengthens not only maintenance and lubrication intervals, it also reduces the necessary storage of grease and oils as the lubrication systems can be ordered complete with the required lubricant. Installation and changeover are performed manually with no need for special tools. An extensive range of accessories and connection parts guarantees the accessibility of every lubrication point. Time spent in danger zones is reduced, increasing workplace safety.


perma-tec GmbH & Co. KG, Euerdorf (D),

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