Lubrication of electric motors

Hardly any machine component works without an electric motor. The huge importance of such a drive usually becomes apparent as soon as it fails. Optimum lubrication is proven to increase plant reliability as well as its lifetime and the productivity. However, electric motors are located frequently in hard-to-reach parts of an installation. For such applications the company perma-tec offers a wide range of solutions to guarantee reliable and constant lubrication. Lubricating systems can, for instance, be installed outside of danger areas and supplied by means of supply lines. The lubricating systems can, however, be installed direct at the electric motor – and that while the installation is running. The lubricant dispenser can be changed very simply without tools, therefore reducing the maintenance requirement and costs. Besides single-point systems, the perma-tec range comprises multi-point lubrication systems with suitable accessories. Combined with the correct lubricants, these systems provide every electric motor with an individually adjustable amount of lubricant to avoid under- or over-lubrication.


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