simalube® applications in platinum, gold and chromium mines

The simalube® lubricator developed by simatec has been tested in compliance with the latest product safety standards and is approved for use in EX areas, in gases, dust as well as mines. The automatic lubricator is driven with a dry gas development cell. With the overpressure generated by this cell a piston is moved within the casing, as a result of which the lubricant is continually pressed into the lubricating point. The simalube® closed system prevents the ingression of dirt and lengthens the lifetime of the lubricated components. Moreover, reliable operation of the equipment is guaranteed.


For several years now the simalube® automatic lu­bri­cant dispenser has been used in a wide range of platinum, gold and chromium mines – in both surface and underground mines (Fig. 1). The simalube® operating times can be freely adjusted between 1 and 12 months. They operate without any problems at a temperature from -20°C to +55°C.


For mine managers, the advantages of the simalube® are obvious:

• Over-lubrication is prevented thanks to the regular release of lubricant at, for example, electric motors, fans, compressors, etc. The simalube® installation also prevents the under-lubrication and failure of components as no lubricating point is forgotten.

• Experience has shown that with the use of simalube®, longer machine lifetimes and less bearing damage are achieved; it also reduces machine downtime, saving enormous costs.

• Manual lubrication is no longer necessary. Just with this time saving for the relevant operatives, the high costs can be lowered and the operatives can be deployed for more profitable tasks.

• In mines, lubricating points are often positioned at in­accessible and sometimes dangerous places. With the simalube®, maintenance and inspection rounds can be reduced and the work safety standards more easily complied with. The result is fewer industrial accidents.


The spectrum of simalube® applications in mines in general is very varied (Fig. 2) and even widened further with the simatec accessories (protective hood, extensions, steel, t‑squares). The applications range from electric motors, pumps, belt conveyors and winches through cooling equipment, fans, and compressors to applications in flotation (Fig. 3), in crushers, mills, cooling mills and lifts.


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