Quick detection

Mobile analysing devices for fast detection of asbestos

Summary: Asbestos-free fibre cement waste is increasingly obtained during the rehabili­tation or ­demolition of buildings. This waste does not particularly require monitoring, as ­opposed to the products containing asbestos manufactured before the production prohibitions for building construction in 1991 and for civil engineering in 1994. Therefore it will be ­necessary to utilize this waste correctly sorted.

Fibre cement products are flat or corrugated panels of small wall thicknesses made of cement, admixtures and fibres, which have been used, for example, as roof panels or facade lining in building construction already for many years. The utilization of fibre cement waste requires that it is clearly recognized as asbestos-free. Michatz [1] summarized the appropriate identification features, which provide information as to whether it is an asbestos-free product when preparing a demolition or during the demolition itself, without any metrological expenditure. This includes construction and...

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