Reproducible measurements

Photo-optical particle analysis in mineral processing

Summary: HAVER & BOECKER supplies patented technology for photo-optical particle ­analysis that is used to reproducibly measure bulk solids, each particle being individually analysed in real-time. The HAVER CPA systems enable not only classical particle size ­distribution in overview, but also the analysis of every scanned particle in respect of a ­variety of size and shape definitions. Developed at the beginning of the 1990s, the process has been steadily further developed with innovative modification of the hardware and ­software for optimum analysis of bulk solids. These include dry and free-falling materials in various industries: from pharmaceuticals and food through coal and non-metallic minerals to plastics, animal feed and the fertilizer industry.

1 Sample preparation

Precondition for the increasingly important process monitoring is accurate sample preparation. As moved and transported bulk solids are subject to separation, sampling must be performed carefully over the entire stream of material. For the wide range of industries and processes, for example hammer samplers, spoon samplers or sample extractors are used. To reduce the analysis time, in many cases sample division is expedient. Sampling must be performed representatively. For this purpose splitters and rotating sample reducers, for example HAVER sample splitters and ­HAVER RPT...

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