SSAB Toolox with new products at Steinexpo

With its Toolox line of products, SSAB was represented at the stand of Bergauer Regenerierung GmbH. The product presented by the manufacturer Ferro Umformtechnik, known as HR Tube® (HR = heat resistant) consists of pipeline elements of Toolox steel for heavy-duty use involving frictional materials and high heat loads. The steel structure does not basically change even under the effect of 400 °C of heat and retains its favourable wear characteristics with a high service life for the system. Ferro Umformtechnik can produce pipelines with a wall thickness between 5 and 10 mm. This solution is also of interest for lime and asphalt mixing works.

The Toolox 33 steel scoop displayed provides this especially favourable abrasion characteristic in conjunction with the effect of heat during use. Scoops of Toolox have already been in service for some considerable time in slag beds in steelworks. Due to its unique chemical formulation and the production process within the strictest tolerances, which are comparable with the precision within the pharmaceutical industry, steel components can be produced with Toolox, where other materials require a considerably higher expense.  

This becomes very clear when using as an example a cutting blade of Toolox. To produce the cutting edge, the material is ground down from the back towards the blade. Toolox is very docile during this process, because the evenness of the workpiece in the direction of the cutter is also maintained on the thin-walled side when machining is complete. Other materials tend to form corrugations, which then require additional machining.

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