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Belt conveying systems or trucks – which of them ensures more efficient bulk material transport?

Summary: Modern mining technologies require systems capable of transporting bulk ­materials quickly and efficiently from the quarry to the destination, and through rough ­terrain as well. Often trucks are used in this regard. Depending on the nature of the ­terrain, however, trucks rapidly reach their limits as they need, for example, well-developed roads. The costs arising for construction, maintenance and possible extension are not ­insignificant. In addition, all of this implies serious landscape changes. The emissions caused by truck traffic are undoubtedly high, both with regard to toxic substances and to noise and dust. BEUMER develops and installs curved belt conveying systems, which ensure ­efficient and environmentally safe transport also in rough territories.

Belt conveyor or truck? This question was raised at Asia ­Cement Group, a large building material manufacturer with the headquarter in Taipeh (Taiwan): approximately 30 km separate the quarry from the newly constructed plant. The requirements were clearly defined: the limestone has to be transported rapidly to the plant, which is provided with two kiln lines each having a daily output of 4200 tons. For this, Asia Cement Group needs daily 14 000 tons of raw material. The building material manufacturer had the option of choosing between transport by truck or belt conveying system. Due to the...

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