dsb Innocrush to supply power to Romania

Recently the dsb Maschinenbau GmbH supplied an INNOCRUSH 50 to the company Napocamin SRL in Romania. The company was awarded the complete contract for the construction of the new runway of 3.1 km length and 60 m width for the airport in Cluj/Romania. For this purpose material must be excavated up to a depth of 2.5 m and then the area has to be filled again with crushed rock. About 230 000 t of granite have to be crushed with the ­INNOCRUSH 50 (Fig.) within a very short time, since the deadline for the completion of the runway is end of August 2012. The machine with a total weight of 49.8 t has a throughput of max. 420 t/h and is driven by an efficient C11 CAT motor of 287 kW. The machine with a length of 13.4 m, a width of 2.9 m and a height of 3.6 m still has compact dimensions for transportation.


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