Sent into the desert – TungStuds in a test of endurance

Mineral processing machines are subjected to great strains and high levels of wear. Sections of machinery where abrasive materials come into contact with the machine are always particularly susceptible. Any lack of anti-wear protection leads to reduced hours of operation, high maintenance costs and expensive machine failure. In all of those areas the use of tried and tested BETEK tungsten carbide tools pays dividends and BETEK TungStuds, as an additional anti-wear solution, are also exactly where they ought to be: TungStuds are small wear protection bolts with a core soldered into them of high...

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Issue 2013-01-02

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NSK has developed a new series of tapered roller ­bearings for use in heavy-duty construction ­machinery (Fig.). The key feature of these bearings is the effective protection against creep between...

Issue 2013-12

Hitachi EX3600-6s strike gold at Kumtor

A fleet of five new Hitachi EX3600-6 excavators has been supplied by the Hitachi construction machinery dealer for Kyrgyzstan, Turkuaz Machinery, to work at high altitude in sub-zero temperatures on...


PUCEST® invites to its in-house fair

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Liebherr tower cranes in the Atacama Desert

Two 1250 HC 40 Litronic tower cranes have been mounted on foundation anchors at the “Minera Escondida” copper mine in Chile (Fig.). During the initial phase the tower cranes will be used for...

Issue 2009-03

Prevention instead of emission

Screening machines, trough conveyors, chutes and other plant parts have always been the main sources of noise and dust in mining and mineral processing. According to an investigation carried out in...