Damen Dredging delivers cutter suction dredger (CSD)

In the last week of 2011, Damen Dredging Equipment delivered the CSD500 “Conchas”. Its owner, the UK based company Marina and Ports Services, ordered the dredger mid October 2011. In a mere 2 months the standard dredger was taken from Damen’s stock and has been fitted out with a large number of customised options (Fig. 1). The standard CSD500 has a maximum dredging depth of 14 m. A separate wedge piece was added to enable the dredger to work at a minimum dredging depth of 1.5 m (Fig. 2). Other functional additions are, for example, a spud carriage pontoon enhancing the efficiency of the dred­gers movements due to a cylinder stroke of 4 m. Moreover anchor booms of 14 m length were added. Other distinctive features are day accommodation (including a galley, a sanitary space and a day room); a 35 kVA harbour generator set, a 4 t jib crane facilitating servicing the dredger’s engine room area, a non-return valve in the discharge piping, a stern swivel for a smooth connection to the floating pipe line, and supplementary fuel, fresh water and sewage tanks in the fore pontoons. At the spacious operating cabin a full communication package is available, plus the required dredge pump performance monitoring instrumentation, dredge pack position visualisation versus chart data and navigation lights.



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