Metso’s SmartTag™ – the next generation and beyond

Summary: SmartTag™ is an RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) based technology ­designed to allow tracking of ore from its source through blasting, run of mine (ROM) pads, crushers, intermediate stockpiles and finally into the concentrator. Here we look at current developments and the future direction of the SmartTag™ ore tracking system.

Metso’s Process Technology and Innovation group is a world leader in mineral processing consulting. A significant amount of this consulting work involves Process Integration and Optimisation (PIO) studies, which includes investigating the effects of drill and blast design and implementation on downstream processing. Critical to these studies is the ability to track specific ore into and through the plant. To increase the accuracy of this ore tracking, Metso Process Technology and Innovation (PTI) developed a system to track ore using RFID transponders called SmartTag™ (Fig. 1). Since its...

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