Accurate weighing results with minimum effort

Schenck Process announced the latest generation of its SENSiQ® WB weighbeam technology – a high capacity loadcell with a nominal capacity of 600 metric tonnes for installation by simple bolting into the given steel structure. This makes it ideal for hopper scales with a total weight of up to 2500 t as well as for hoppers in train loading systems.


The latest SENSiQ® WB development is characterized by the following improved technical features:

•  Expanded operating temperature range between -40° C and 180° C

•  High accuracy, which has always been a key benefit of the SENSiQ® loadcell gen-

•  eration, has been further improved to an error of +0.07 % across the entire load range

All loadcells of the SENSiQ® WB fulfil IP68 requirements according to ANSI/IEC 60529


A further advantage is the simple and cost-effective installation of these SENSiQ® WB weighbeams. They connect directly inside the given structure without moving parts and transmit all disturbance forces and moments with minimal measuring value interference. They also function entirely maintenance-free in the harshest conditions, offering high long-term stability and high reproducibility. Typical applications are amongst others silo and hopper weighers. The full SENSiQ® WB range now includes 11.5 t, 15 t, 25 t, 40 t, 50 t, 100 t, 150 t, 200 t and 600 t rated capacity types.


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