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The September issue will surprise you with two special articles covering innovative, exceptional topics. Dr. Richter and Prof. Hosemann describe landfilling methods for natural radioactive waste. Waste contaminated with radioisotopes occurs in the basic materials industry, in particular when extracting copper, nickel, gold and rare earths as well as during the processing of zircon and monazite sands. However, radiotoxic waste also occurs when extracting mineral oil and natural gas (p. 58). From p. 52, the article by Dr.-Ing. Pikhard deals with processing of non-ferrous metal concentrates from refuse incineration slags. In particular, the recovery of relatively fine metallic parts in the particle-size range of a few millimetres is a new trend in processing of these metal concentrates.


90 years – this is not only a considerable age in human life. In particular in these fast-moving times, it is a remarkable achievement if family enterprises can look back on a successful family history of almost a century. In this issue, we even introduce two companies founded in 1922: ­AUMUND Fördertechnik, p. 34, and Siebtechnik GMBH (interview on p. 44).


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