Belt cleaner provides cleaning at economical price

T‌he Model LP from Conveyor Components is a heavy-duty, spring-loaded, rubber wiper single-blade type belt cleaner which provides maximum cleaning effectiveness for a very economical price. The Model LP works on a variety of carryback materials ranging from construction materials such as rock, sand or gravel to left-over process materials such as beet pulp or wet sewage treatment plant sludge. This belt cleaner automatically self-adjusts after the initial installation, until the blade stop assembly is activated. At which time, the wiper blade can be flipped over and used for an additional amount of time.


The Model LP utilizes 80 durometer rubber to provide long wiper blade life, and the wiper blade is easily changed when required. Urethane (90 durometer) wiper blades are also an option. The mounting flange allows for easy adaptation to most conveyor rails, and the compact version fits in size-challenged spaces.

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