D‌‌‌rying and cooling are elementary process steps in the processing of bulk materials. In addition to the constant quality of the end product, the high availability of the drying systems and, above all, their economical operation are also in demand. The heat emitted during the cooling phase is used for drying and thus reduces the energy requirement by around 15 %. With the DRYON fluidized bed dryer and cooler, Binder+Co meets the high demands of different industries for the quality, efficiency and cost effectiveness of the drying process.

Binder+Co has been a successful manufacturer of vibrating and static fluidized bed dryers and coolers for decades, which are used in a wide variety of industries for processing industrial minerals, construction raw materials, ores, coal, potash, fertilizers, secondary raw materials and foodstuffs. This long-standing experience qualifies Binder+Co for the construction of tailor-made systems for numerous tasks. These range from drying and cooling through crystallization, conditioning and preheating to material dedusting and organic removal.

Gentle product drying using the fluidized bed principle

The product to be dried or cooled is fed in the DRYON on a distributor plate specially matched to the material, where air or other gaseous drying media flow through it from bottom to top. The product is gently dried and comminution of the feed material is avoided.

The right type for every task

Static fluid bed dryers can be used for fine granulations up to 6 mm. By installing heat exchangers, a reduction of the required drying and cooling air or the resulting exhaust air quantities can be achieved. In addition, the machine size is significantly reduced. Vibrating dryers are used for bulk materials with a wide grain belt and/or coarser grain sizes. Depending on the material behavior or machine size, the fluid bed dryer is available in two different versions.

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