Optimal dust binding

Bridging large distances with spray cannons for dust removal

T‌he demand for functional dust binding systems is growing from year to year. The reason for this is the justifiably increasing demand for occupational safety and environmental protection. This demand for dust-free handling and processing of goods confronts dedusting technology with new tasks every day. For the recycling and demolition industries it is not always possible to remove dust with dust extraction systems. This is where water mist systems from the company B+W in Bottrop are used. Here the dust is precipitated with fine water mist, washed out of the air, so to speak.

When demolishing houses, in quarries and recycling plants it often happens that due to the space available there are large distances between the dust source and the nearest possible installation point for the spraying system. To counteract this problem, B+W has developed the so-called spray cannon. Here the fan air flow is used to throw the water mist over large distances. Depending on the power of the fans and the amount of water, throwing distances of up to 100 m are possible. The construction of the systems is deliberately kept simple for rough use. The fan with the mist nozzles is mounted on a robust steel construction. The booster pump with water filter and solenoid valve as well as the electrical system are mounted on it in an equally protected manner.

Depending on the model, up to three different quantities of water are available for spraying. The two different fan speeds make the system particularly flexible. A rotating device up to 350 ° is standard on all B+W spray guns. This results in a wide range of applications, depending on the model.

In order to meet the environmental protection requirements in all areas very quiet fans are used. The power consumption of both the fan and the pressure boosting system is minimized by using the highest efficiency class. Thus, the use of the spray guns is cost-effective and meets all requirements for optimal dust binding.



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