Careful handling

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In light of the growing world population, the availability of raw materials increasingly comes to the fore. Therefore, it is more important than ever to handle the available raw materials as carefully and as efficiently as possible. The article Recyclables (from

p. 48) describes opportunities to recover well over 90 % of metals in fractions up to 63 µm, which are contained in slags that accrue in converters or electric furnaces in steel works. The remaining mineral phases cleaned in this way can then be re-used as high-quality products.

The article Trends in the Phosphate Industry (from p. 62) considers the increasingly exciting question regarding the sufficient availability of phosphate salts – an essential component – above all in the fertilizer industry, without which the increasing food requirements cannot be met.

From page 14, MIREU – the Network of Mining and Metallurgy Regions in Europe will be presented showing in detail the highlights of the regional kick-off event in Dresden in March 2018. This network is aimed at providing professional exchange and leveraging the synergy effects of European raw material regions as well as possible cooperation projects.

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