Cleaning process

Study and assessment of the stress parameters applied in the “HAVER Hydro-Clean” high-pressure cleaning system

Summary: For many years now, the HAVER Hydro-Clean from HAVER NIAGARA has been used in a range of cleaning applications in the mining, recycling, industrial minerals as well as sand and gravel industries. The article points out possibilities to improve material quality by optimizing the process parameters involved in cleaning and to lower specific operational costs specifically by reducing wear as well as the consumption of the resources “water” and “energy”.

1 Introduction

The removal or reduction of unwanted components from mineral resources is an essential task in many sectors involving the processing of raw materials. The goal of this processing step is to introduce energy in various forms into the raw material in order to generate stresses that in turn, following selective liberation of the raw material, enable a removal of the unwanted components (contaminants/impurities) from the recoverable content.

Drawing from its many years of experience in mineral processing gained worldwide, HAVER & BOECKER has developed an innovative high-pressure...

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