Customised conveying systems for tough tasks and long service-lives

Belt pulleys have been produced at Calbe, near Magdeburg, for more than fifty years. In the time of the ­German Demo­cratic Republic (GDR), a portion of the pulleys manufactured under the “VEB Förderanlagenbau Calbe” name were supplied to the “Takraf” (German acronym for Open-cast mining equipment, cranes and conveying systems) combine, and thence around the world, in the form of all-in turnkey plants. Open-cast lignite mining was practised in the immediate vicinity, and could be used for development, testing and optimisation of the heavy-duty belt pulleys. The successor company, Förderanlagen...

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Issue 2015-10

Doppstadt Group

AT: Give us a catchword that in your opinion best characterizes the SOLIDS 2015 Jörg Amend: Customised solutions AT: What are the novelties or products, respectively, you will present at the SOLIDS...

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Tenova TAKRAF continues to set new benchmarks in belt pulley fabrication

With headquarters in Leipzig/Germany,?TAKRAF is one of the leading global solutions provider in the mining, bulk material handling and minerals processing industries. The company is also an important...

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Trouble-free transport for almost 20 years

The Sociedad Contractual Minera El Abra is one of the leading mining enterprises in Chile. It extracts copper ore in one of the largest opencast pits in the Atacama Desert in the northern part of the...

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Rulmeca Holding S.p.A.

At the core of Rulmeca’s high-quality rollers, motorized pulleys and components for belt conveyors are 3 brands steeped in history, innovation, international development and research. Founded in 1962...

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No chance of belt slippage

To eliminate belt slippage in belt conveyors as used in mining, steelworks or wood processing, the operator has to select a suitable lagging for the drive pulley. Only then can the drive and braking...