Customized handling of solids

The mechanical engineering specialist SEGLER presented its process engineering solutions and international projects at the easyfairs SOLIDS Dortmund on May 21/22 2014. The company SEGLER created e.g. a complex Big Bag station for a company in the chemical industry (Fig.). The goal was the efficient and reliable processing of urea with a capacity of 10t/h and the following requirements:

Continuous opening of Big Bags

Providing a product template for a possible transition from batch to continuous operation

Product dispersion

Destruction of agglomerates

Continuous dosing

Dissolution of the solids in a suspension

A stable receiving frame receives the Big Bags filled with free-flowing, slightly lumpy raw material. Using a piercing pyramid, the Big Bags are efficiently pierced by their own weight. The directly connected material buffer with dispersing agitator and vibration discharge aid ensures a smooth friction-free feed of the material into the lump breaker. Its task is to destroy possible agglomerates to enable a uniform product flow to the metering screw.

The single-shaft screw-conveyor with graduated blade pitch, counter blade and ejector in the outfeed area conveys the goods upwards to the urea dissolving tank. It enables a dosed material feed. Afterwards, the urea and other aggregates are dissolved into a suspension in the unpressurized agitator vessel. Aside from the inlet pipes, the mixing tank, among other things, is equipped with a temperature, level and density metering. Adapted to the mixing task, substances to be processed and viscosity, the agitator includes 3-stage oblique blade agitators, agitators for remaining amounts at the dished bottom and 2 baffles.

The Big Bag station is manufactured in a low-dust design in accordance with chemistry standard and completely made of stainless steel (material 1.4404). Because of this, clean surfaces, lowest adhesion inclination and a higher material life can be guaranteed. Also in other areas, such as foods, an application is possible. Due to complete in-house design and production at SEGLER, the customer receives highly variable and ideally matched solutions to his needs with respect to performance, size, placement and standards.


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