Segler-Förderanlagen Maschinenfabrik GmbH

Segler-Förderanlagen is using this year’s POWTECH as an opportunity to showcase its wide range of processing solutions. The German plant supplier realizes these solutions for customers from the food, pharmaceuticals, energy, and environmental sectors, etc. all over the world. Whether customers require components, standalone machines or complex integrated plants, they receive a package tailored to their specific requirements and processes. If required, this package can extend from the initial idea through process consultation, design, engineering, integration of the new equipment in existing processes to an extensive range of services. The supplier’s portfolio comprises conveyor screws and mixers as well as discharge equipment, tank construction, components, and much more.

Selected examples of realized projects include:

• Double-shaft mixer for continuous salt-additive mixing (Fig.): throughput > 40 t/h; Temperatures to 100 °C; 4-6 min residence time; homogenization during and after reaction; inert operation (gas-tight design); meshing mixing shafts; adjustable mixing tools

• Auger filler hopper for raw cement meal with four auger shafts (progressive gradient) and two discharge points for continuous full discharge from a silo complex; mass flow 250 t/h

• Heated screw mixer: continuously operating reactors for bulk solids with mixing, heating and cleaning function

• Cone mixer: with new drive concept for reducing idle time; no oil lubrication in the product chamber; locally optimum mixing for every fill level; extremely low maintenance

• Screw sluice: feed or discharge sluices for pressurized systems such as dryers; for bulk solids; also available in Ex versions

• Conveying and comminuting screws for reject materials: for use in the production of insulation materials; reject materials are comminuted and then recycled back into the production process

Customers profit particularly from Segler’s broad range and many years of experience in the sector. The result of their cooperation with Segler are process engineering solutions that boast precision, durability, high plant availability and time-efficient project realization from one source.

Hall 1; Stand 333


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