Effectively combating dust particles at the workplace

Since the end of 2013, dust-intensive industries have had to adapt themselves to new dust reduction solutions because of the statutory obligation to significantly reduce dust exposure at the workplace. Within the context of the new version of the Technical Rule 900 “Air Limit Values”, the limit values drop to 1.25 mg/m³ at a “typical” density of 2.5 mg/m³ and, for example, to 1.75 mg/m³ in enterprises with a density of 3.5 mg/m³.This halving of the permissible exposure limit for dust emissions at the workplace is an important measure for health-related prevention and helps reduce the consequential costs caused by diseases. To the Professional Association for Raw Materials and Chemical Industry, BG RCI, this is worth providing a financial incentive by means of premium systems, which are currently at 20 % on common investments for dust suppression.

With its water fog system, manufactured and sold under the brand name Naltec, the specialist provider B + W Gesellschaft für Innovative Produkte from Bottrop/Germany offers an effective method approved by the BC RCI, which helps achieve or even to fall below the new limit values (Fig.). The artificially generated water fog, derived from the matutinal fog in nature, is a water cloud of super-fine water drops capable of floating, which virtually “washes the air clean”

Particular water nozzles for fogging along with a practice-oriented pump system build up water pressure of only 10 bar. And all this using normal tap water and even service water with drop sizes of 5-70 µ – an ideal range for the bonding of dust. At lower drop sizes, the risk of evaporation arises; then the droplets would dissolve without fulfilling their dust-binding function. An electrically rotatable spray fan, used as a mobile or stationary spray fog unit, fulfills an important role, i.e. it conducts the fog as far as possible into the production halls. By using various spray rims adjusted to the respective needs and with the help of the fan, the water mist can be conducted up to 50 m. Furthermore, special fan blades help keep the noise within limits.

According to the manufacturer, the Naltec System from B + W can be adapted to individual conditions and can be supplemented at any time and without problems by: winter operation, radio control, odor elimination through enzymatic methods, adjustment to existing plants, including turnkey assembly.

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