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D‌ear Readers


Dr. Petra Strunk
Editor-in-chief of AT MINERAL PROCESSING

Dr. Petra Strunk
Editor-in-chief of AT MINERAL PROCESSING
Bauverlag, which has been based on the outskirts of Gütersloh not far from Bertelsmann’s headquarters for quite some time, is moving. In the newly developing Kaiserquartier in the center of Gütersloh – just a few steps away from the train station – Bauverlag will now be at home as of July 12. Everything is still new, unused and waiting to be used and occupied by us. This is an exciting time for us employees. The old offices have been cleared out, our materials and documents packed into moving boxes and will be unpacked again into new shelves, onto new desks. A new chapter for Bauverlag is about to begin. A beautiful, clear, functional environment awaits us. Our tasks remain the same, but perhaps workflows will now be easier, meetings more pleasant and visitors to Bauverlag will now actually get to see something of the city of Gütersloh. We are curious. You, too, dear readers, can look forward to the issue ahead of you with many interesting topics.


We wish you a pleasant summer


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