D‌ear readers,

Who would have thought at the beginning of last year that people would arrange to spend an evening together with friends on a digital platform? On the one hand, it’s sad that you can’t meet in person; on the other hand, it’s sometimes the only way to get together in a larger group. In many other areas, too, the various restrictions have also led to new habits and to new technical developments and possibilities. To be able to examine a plant, a work from all sides – even before it has been built? Sounds a bit like science fiction – but it already exists, read our article starting on page 54.

One industry completely unaffected by the Corona crisis is the fertilizer industry. The world’s population is rising, while agricultural land is declining. More and more efficient fertilizers are being sought for intensive agriculture. You can read about the other challenges facing fertilizer producers in the article starting on page 44.

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