FLEXCO expands management

FLEXCO Europe GmbH, specialist in mechanical conveyor belt fastener systems, belt cleaners, belt repair and maintenance and headquartered in Rosenfeld, has expanded its executive-level management and appointed Joerg Schairer (Fig.) as second Managing Director. He will support Walther Sülzle at the company’s helm. Schairer’s tasks include strategic management of the company, administrative management of FLEXCO Europe GmbH and management of sales outside Europe. He is also responsible for communications with the parent company, Flexible Steel Lacing Company (FLEXCO) in Downers Grove, Illinois/USA as well as its worldwide subsidiaries. His goal is to provide customers with the optimal solution.

Joerg Schairer joined Walther Sülzle GmbH as Worldwide Sales Director in fall 2010. When FLEXCO Europe GmbH was created from the company’s merger with its affiliate ANKER-FLEXCO GmbH in the summer of 2012, Schairer assumed the newly created position of Sales Director. Before this, the MBA graduate was sales director for the Middle East, Africa and Asia with one of the world market leaders for industrial machine needles, precision parts and fine tools for 10 years.



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