FLSmidth’s SuperCell™ 600 series revolutionizes flotation technology

FLSmidth’s 600 Series SuperCell is the newest introduction to the world of flotation technology (Fig.). Designed and engineered at FLSmidth’s technology centre in Salt Lake City, Utah, the 600 Series offers active cell volumes in the range of 600-660 m3 accompanied by a multitude of mechanism offerings. FLSmidth is capable of offering both naturally aspirated and forced air mechanisms. “The universal tank promotes mechanism interchangeability for added customization and performance capability,” said Frank P. Traczyk, FLSmidth director of flotation products. “Single flotation cell volume has more than doubled over the past decade. Economies of scale, declining ore grades and near-term commodity pricing stability bode well for the integration of the 600 Series into large concentrators.” Innovative cell characterization tools and novel simulation techniques contributed to technical improvements over existing rotor-stator technologies. Hydrodynamic and metallurgical testing of the 600 Series is slated for the latter part of 2012.



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