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Gearless drives with synchronous motors for belt conveyors

Summary: Ore grades are declining in many mining regions. New mines are being de­veloped in remote areas, the pits are getting deeper and the distances longer. Conveyor technology therefore faces new challenges in providing solutions for transporting ever larger quantities of material over ever greater distances. But new drive systems have been developed that now enable belt conveyors to handle these growing volumes of material and provide the required level of availability.

ThyssenKrupp and Siemens have worked together for years on building the largest belt conveyors for the mining industry. One of their success stories is the downhill conveyor for the Los Pelambres Mine in Chile, the largest regenerative geared belt conveyor in the world. This conveyor transports copper ore over a distance of 12.7 km from an elevation of 3200 m above sea level down to 1600 m and, in so doing, generates up to 17 MW of electrical power. Energy is recovered by this downhill conveyor and then fed into the grid so that it can be drawn by other loads.

Continuing with their successful...

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