Modern Screening Technology with a Future

Based on more than 125 years of experience in the manufacture of woven wire, Haver & Boecker has continuously developed screening technology. In addition to woven wire from our own production, which is made with the classic warp and weft, we offer in cooperation with our subsidiary companies a comprehensive range of complete systems that extends to screening machines. We provide everything surrounding screening technology worldwide.

Haver & Boecker offers industrial screens that fit precisely to the specific requirements at hand when it comes to material, processing, and type of weft. The spectrum encompasses solutions for all types of screening machines and applications: classic screen decks made of stainless steel, special self-cleaning screen cloth, and screen decks with PU encapsulated woven wire. Whatever screen type you decide to use, premium quality materials and meticulous processing guarantee optimum function, maximum stability, and long lifetimes.

Our product range encompasses screening media for every kind of screening machine and offers mesh sizes from 0.025 mm to over 220 mm. For materials we offer various austenites and stainless steels in addition to HAVER NIA® spring steel. They not only provide optimum function, but also assure maximum stability and long lifetimes. We deliver all screen products as rolls, cut sections or fully manufactured as desired with a number of tensioning profiles to select from, pre-tensioned, and according to ISO 9044 and ISO 14 315.

In the sector of industrial screens, HAVER & BOECKER will be presenting the following at the bauma:

• Standard square and rectangular mesh woven wire cloth

• Special rectangular TON-CAP and EGLA-HARFE mesh cloth

• Tensioning systems in all variants for all screening machines

• Pre-tensioned screen frames and tensioning service

• Ultrasound screen decks

• FLEX-MAT screen decks with self-cleaning effect

• TY-WIRE Hybrid screen deck, wear-resistant Multi-talent

• Haver UMD and Haver DMS small screening machines

Minimized water consumption and improved cleanliness of bulk mineral products

The HAVER & TYLER Alliance will be introducing the HAVER NIAGARA Hydro-Clean 2000 under the aegis of HAVER NIAGARA GmbH. The HAVER NIAGARA Hydro-Clean 2000 is the result of consistent further development of the well-known Hydro-Clean high-pressure cleaning system which has proved its cleaning power, high throughput rates, availability, economic efficiency and ease of maintenance in many different areas of application worldwide.

The tried-and-tested modular system has been retained; new features include two adjacent washing rotors within one ­washing drum. The result is a high material throughput of up to 400 metric t/h and improved cleaning of clinging dirt from the 0/150 mm target grain size.

As with all other sizes of HAVER NIAGARA Hydro-Clean only high-pressure jets are used for cleaning, these being directed at the raw material by rotor nozzles at pressures of up to 150 bar. As the jets of water rotate with the washing rotor the raw material is thoroughly ploughed through. Material is cleaned merely by the impact of the stream of water and the shearing processes in the raw material bed.

Without exception all moving machine components are outside the flow of material. This makes the HAVER ­NIAGARA Hydro-Clean high-pressure washer a cleaning system with minimum wear.

The machine’s low water consumption of 0.1 - 0.2 m³/t protects our natural resources and qualifies the HAVER ­NIAGARA Hydro-Clean for use in areas with a limited supply of water. It also creates a process that has a low water circulation, thus cutting operating costs.

Its modular and compact design, installed total power requirement of 230 kW maximum and total weight of below 6000 kg allow the HAVER NIAGARA Hydro-Clean 2000 to be used as a stationary, partially or fully mobile system or as a plant component.

The HAVER NIAGARA Hydro-Clean is available in four sizes: the Hydro-Clean 350, Hydro-Clean 700, Hydro-Clean 1000 and Hydro-Clean 2000. Its areas of application include mining, exploration, recycling, the quarrying of sand and gravel as building materials and quarrying stone and earth.

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