Holding the line in difficult conditions

HESE Maschinenfabrik GmbH in Gelsenkirchen/Germany, one of the leading manufacturer of bulk solids conveying equipment, develops and manufactures customer-specific individual and integrated solutions – e.g. for the Chilean Minera Escondida Limitada. This mining company headquartered in Las Condes operates two open-cast mines for extracting copper in the Región de Antofagasta. HESE was contracted to supply conveyor belt pulleys for material handling systems. The spherical roller bearings and accessories for shaft diameters from 420–670 mm were supplied by SKF’s authorized distributor HOBERG Industriebedarf (Fig.).

SKF constantly develops its roller bearings. A new patented heat treatment process enables an optimum balance of the hardness and toughness of the steel. Hardness increased by up to two HRC improves wear resistance and lengthens the lifetime accordingly. Despite the higher hardness, there is no loss in toughness. Sufficient material toughness is of enormous importance in high- and impact load applications. It prevents the sudden rupture of a damaged bearing race and therefore capital damage. The bearings are currently being installed and so the belt pulleys will soon be ready for transport to Chile.


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