New transmission

Improved performance of Sandvik flag ship trucks Sandvik TH663i and
Sandvik TH551i

T‌o increase productivity, improve reliability and reduce truck operating costs, Sandvik has introduced a new transmission for its flag ship trucks Sandvik TH663i and Sandvik TH551i. The new size-class transmission is a result of extensive product development work done by Sandvik and the transmission supplier to meet the customer needs for 63 and 51 tonnes trucks.


Sandvik TH663i and Sandvik TH551i trucks with the new transmission are expected to increase productivity and enable shorter cycle times. Maximum speed and efficiency in varying ramps and with different loads are achieved with eight gears and optimized axle ratio, compared to previous transmission with six gears. The fully proportional, more powerful hydraulic retarder operates simultaneously with the engine brake, enabling easier downhill control and higher speeds. Further, lock-up to lock-up gear shifting enables quick and smooth shifting and keeps speed better while driving uphill.


Improved reliability and reduced costs are achieved with robust and simple design, made specifically for heavy off-road application. Compared to the previous model, the transmission lifetime is expected to be longer, and less gearbox changeouts are required during the truck lifetime, reducing total costs. From the intelligence point of view, self-diagnostics in the transmission control system has been improved and fully integrated into the Sandvik Intelligent Control System, enabling easy and fast trouble shooting without external diagnostics tools or laptops.


“We have tested the new transmission extensively in Finland, Ireland and Australia with our trucks in mine conditions,” explains Pia Sundberg, Product Line Manager Trucks at Sandvik. “It is great to say that based on the feedback we have received from our field tests with Sandvik TH663i, easy operation and extremely smooth gear shifting really make a difference and improve operator comfort significantly,” she continues.


Other new features in the upgraded trucks Sandvik TH663i and Sandvik TH551i include a new durable and maintenance friendly cooler with outstanding corrosion resistance and long component lifetimes. All new Sandvik TH663i and Sandvik TH551i trucks will be fitted with the new transmission as of early 2020, and it is also available as a retrofit to the trucks in the field.

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