Procurement markets under pressure

Leadership Meeting of the DSIV – technical presentations and networking

On 22.11.2021, the Leadership Meeting for executives took place at the “round” table in Cologne/Germany, organized by the DSIV, the German Bulk Solids Industry Association.


On the currently much discussed topic “Procurement markets and raw material prices. A challenge for us and how do backgrounds and correlations present themselves?”, the meeting started with the first presentation by Dr. Hubertus Bardt, Managing Director and Head of Science at the Institut der Deutschen Wirtschaft. Both the availability and the rising prices of raw materials are currently decisive for further economic development. The complex interrelationships as to why there is currently a shortage of raw materials and thus also rising prices were presented in a very clear, understandable and comprehensive manner. Partly surprising for the audience were the number of influencing factors and their mutual impact. In the course of the lecture, past economic crises or slumps and their courses were also analyzed, and these were used to assess the current economic situation. As the discussion at the end of the event also showed, the lecture met with broad interest, numerous detailed questions showed how complex this topic is [<cLanguage:de\_DE\_2006>] – [<cLanguage:>] certainly also somewhat with the attraction of being able to better assess and counter future developments.

The second presentation by Alexander Ruppenthal, authorized signatory and sales branch manager Frankfurt/M. of Altradius Kreditversicherung, dealt with the topic of financing: “Effects of sharply rising commodity prices on market players from the perspective of a credit insurer”. He showed the interplay between the supplier, the supplier’s customer and the credit insurance company – in this case Atradius. In this context, credit insurance serves as insurance for the supplier’s credit. Using various practical examples, Ruppenthal explained the importance and impact of credit insurance – especially in times of the corona pandemic. In order to preserve supply chains, the German government had issued a guarantee of € 30 billion for indemnification payments by credit insurers. Despite the increased risk of default, credit insurers were thus able to maintain coverage commitments and even assume new ones. With delivery values rising and sales exploding, this leveraged business volumes to many higher levels. After this measure expired last year, private-sector mechanisms took hold again.

The event, which was aimed at owners, managing directors and senior executives of companies in the bulk materials industry, served as a forum for professional exchange at the highest level. This was also evident in the lively discussion with the speakers that followed.

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