Looking ahead

Dear Readers,

The New Year has begun, a new chapter – a great opportunity for calm considerations of what is important in the year ahead, as far as this lies in our hands and we can influence it. Personally, I am a big fan of good intentions, although not all of them can be realized in the way I imagine – but small, steady steps can also have an effect.

An important point for me is leading a way of life that offers future generations a livable environment. There are certainly many aspects and opposing views, but also many good approaches and ideas. “… to preserve the value of the materials and to protect the environment, these secondary resources must be reused in new products and these products placed on the market”, wrote Prof. Teipel and Kevin Hefele in their article “Recycling and design of waste – derived products in the construction and ceramics industry” from page 54.  The focus of the 6th bvse Mineral Day taking place in Hamburg from 27 to 28 March  will cover the same topic (page 8).

The article “Mobile mineral processing equipment:  State of the Art” from page 44 deals with the exploitation of European resources through the development of mobile treatment technologies, which should be sustainable and socio-ecologically compatible.

We wish you many interesting and inspiring moments and ideas when reading the first issue of AT 2019!

Dr. Petra Strunk


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