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Production of dry mortar sands

Summary: For the production of dry mortar sands, BHS Sonthofen has developed special rotor crushers that, depending on the application, can crush soft, medium-hard to hard as well as wear-intensive materials, especially rock. The preferred machines for such applications are impact mills or impact crushers with a horizontal shaft, as well as rotor centrifugal crushers and rotor impact mills with a vertical shaft. With the efficient deployment of these machines in a production line, it is possible to optimally adjust a formulation, to obtain consistent quality over the entire lifetime of the wear parts and to optimize throughput rates.

Since the invention of dry mortar in the mid 1930s, this building material has found widespread use. Especially in the last 20 years, the application of mineral render/plaster and dry mortars has increased sharply. The formulations have been steadily improved so that today a speciality dry mortar is available for almost every building application. In this connection, the dry mortar industry is following the trend towards increasingly lightweight, thermal-insulating wall building materials with the development of lightweight and finishing renders and plasters.

Mineral plaster/render and dry...

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