No dirt – no dust

MobyDick ONE at the Kies- und Schotterwerke Müller GmbH & Co. KG

T‌he Kies- und Schotterwerke Müller GmbH & Co. KG, founded at the beginning of the 1930s at the Ostrach site, is one of the oldest companies in the gravel and sand industry in southern Baden-Württemberg. In all plants, a wide range of high-quality aggregates and high-grade chippings for all applications in the construction industry is produced using state-of-the-art technology. For managing director Walter Offinger, it was therefore a matter of course that the best technology would also be used for cleaning the truck wheels and chassis.
A‌fter an internal evaluation procedure and a detailed consultation, the decision was made in favour of a MobyDick ONE tyre washing system with a length of 14.40 m. With this dimensioning the wheels can be washed intensively during four wheel rotations. Due to new driving profiles and an improved nozzle position, as well as the flow-optimized geometry of the washing modules, developed in cooperation with the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETH), the ONE, in contrast to a conventional wheel washing system, allows a much higher washing power. Thanks to the new design, it is now even possible to wash undercarriages of tracked vehicles on the wheel washing system. Thanks to the Powerflush option, an additional special nozzle aligned to the wheel arches, even previously inaccessible areas can be reliably cleaned.
H‌owever, the correct dimensioning of the recycling tank concept was also of great importance for the perfect functioning of the new wheel washing system. FRUTIGER offers a wide range of different tank sizes with or without scraper conveyor. Also tanks with up to 80 m3 capacity, which can be emptied with a wheel loader, are possible. The decision was made at the Kies- und Schotterwerke Müller GmbH & Co. KG finally opted for four 50 m3 steel tanks, which can be cleaned cost-effectively with an excavator. For the preparation of the installation of the plant FRUTIGER provided detailed installation plans. The installation was then carried out by experienced FRUTIGER mechanics in a few days. Since the handover about one year ago, MobyDick ONE is now in continuous operation and does its job, the cleaning of the public roads, to the full satisfaction of the residents and the operator.
A‌lso in the division Demucking, where it is about the rough cleaning of civil and military vehicles, a lot has happened in the last years. More and more operators of large vehicle fleets are recognizing the cost advantages of using a “MobyDick” for the rough cleaning of heavily soiled wheels, tracks, chassis up to a CAT D12. Hourly cleaning with a spray lance is now a thing of the past in more and more modern workshops. Instead, MobyDick coarse dirt washing systems now complete this task automatically in a few minutes. The principle is simple and effective. With very much water and little pressure the dirt is first softened and then washed off. The washing water is led in the cycle. The washed sludge, with the addition of a flocculant, settles and is conveyed by a scraper conveyor into a container on the side.
U‌nder the claim “No Dirt - No Dust” the MobyDick product range offers also solutions for dust precipitation. At the bauma 2019 and this year’s Conexpo, a completely new generation of dust-precipitation systems was presented. The new technology makes it possible to adjust the throwing distance, power consumption, noise emissions and spray pattern, and thus also the amount of water used, to precisely match the operating conditions. The high-performance cone developed together with the Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW) ensures maximum efficiency at throwing distances of up to 90 m.
A‌ll systems are manufactured in own ISO certified factories, which guarantees a high constant quality and a safe spare parts supply.

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