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New 80 GHz compact radar transmitters for hassle-free level measurement

S‌iemens presents Sitrans LR100 series 80 GHz radar transmitters, compact instruments with a narrow beam for flexible installations in existing vessel openings – or even non-intrusively through plastic vessels. The transmitters’ 80 GHz high frequency delivers robust, reliable measurements even in challenging environments such as those with solids. The custom microchip technology delivers fast response and extremely high sensitivity to detect even the weakest of signals. The transmitters’ dependable readings reduce workers’ exposure to hazardous situations: no need to climb tanks, lean out over sumps, or crawl into confined spaces to maintain instruments. As well, zero-meter blanking distance allows measurement right up to the sensor, thereby avoiding costly overfilling. And 2 mm accuracy enhances operational safety through precise measurement through the full range of the application. All this robust performance is wrapped in an IP68 submersible housing constructed of corrosion resistant PVDF.

Simple commissioning is achieved with the Bluetooth interface and the Sitrans mobile IQ App or the Sitrans RD150 remote display. In remote areas connected to the Sitrans RTU3030C remote terminal unit, critical data can be transmitted as well as remote servicing can be performed. Integrating critical level readings or process control data into operations can unlock new opportunities to react to safety concerns, analyze processes and identify areas for improvement. Users can monitor level measurements or diagnostic and maintenance information from the comfort of the control room or connect to Siemens MindSphere, the cloud-based, open IoT operating system. The series consists of three products: Sitrans LR100 for basic measurement to 8 m, Sitrans LR110 with communication and hazardous approvals options and range to 15 m, Sitrans LR120 with communication, longest range to 30 m and optional submergence shield for flooding protection. 2-wire loop powered with HART or optional Modbus RTU connectivity consumes very low energy and the fast start up is ideal for CSO (combined sewer overflow) applications.



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