New hook loader ­trommel screen

The new Machino S5000 Trommel Screen (Fig.) can be moved by hook loader or by trailer. Once the machine is unloaded on the ground the machine can be operational with the aid of the remote control to raise the hydraulic legs in less than 5 minutes. The drum can be changed quickly by extending the hopper hydraulically.

The Machino S5000 is powered by a Caterpillar diesel engine C 2.2, 38 kW (51 hp) and operates at low rpm ensuring the running costs are lower than most machines similar in size. The S5000 is also available with an electric motor. The 3 m long hopper allows many bigger machines to load the Trommel screen yet it also has a low loading height of 3000-3300 mm for smaller loaders. Trommel drums can be exchanged with other operators who are using other manufacturer’s mobile trommel screens. The compact dimensions (width of 2.4 m, length of 8.1 m) means that the machine can also be used in even the most confined spaces. An operating weight of 8.1 t and height of 2.4 m, the weight and dimensions also make transportation easy and cheap. The Machino S5000 Solid Trommel Drum screening area of 4.7 x 1.8 m, with aperture and thickness of choice, can also be spilt in 2 giving the choice of 3 different sizes of materials.


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