New in-line, real time technology for process monitoring

This year Freeman Technology will be demonstrating new technology for in-line, real time process monitoring via an exclusive partnership with Lenterra Inc., manufacturers of optical flow sensor technology. Lenterra’s Drag Force Flow (DFF) and Wall Shear Stress (RealShear™) probes provide continuous, real-time data, via optical fibres, enabling users to assess processes and make decisions, without the need to stop the process.


Freeman Technology’s solutions also include the FT4 Powder Rheometer® – a comprehensive powder tester, which uses patented dynamic methodology, automated shear cells (in accordance with ASTM D7891) and a series of bulk property tests to quantify powder behaviour in terms of flow and processability. This is complemented by the new Uniaxial Powder Tester, which provides an accurate and repeatable measure of the uniaxial unconfined yield strength (uUYS) of a powder to assess and rank flowability.  


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