Processing mineral demolition and building materials recycling materials

S‌ince July 2019, a Giporec R 100 FDR Giga has been in operation at Alois Miller and Schwaben Recycling (SRC) GmbH, respectively. Quality and productivity – these are two key features with which the track-mounted impact crusher has been able to more than convince its new owners in just a short time.

The family-run business is actually made up of four companies: first Alois Miller Erdbau und Abbruch GmbH – a specialist in earthwork and demolition, and then Schwaben Recycling GmbH, established in 2014, which produces around 50 000 t quality-controlled recycled material per year. As a waste management specialist, SRC also offers container services. The third company is Solarpark Miller UG, founded in 2011, which, besides completely covered solar roofs, also operates three open-space solar parks with a total output of 4 Mw, and finally there is Rubber Recycling GmbH, which recycles rubber waste from the automotive industry. Besides recycling and solar power, Miller operates its own biomass heating and power station.

The track-mounted Giporec R 100 FDR Giga impact crusher with a connected screening unit is used at Alois Miller – Schwaben Recycling GmbH exclusively for recycling. This includes processing of the delivered mineral demolition and building materials recycling materials at the company’s own recycling centre and use of the recycled products at corresponding construction sites locally. A modern Caterpillar diesel motor type C9 Acert with 261 kW or 350 hp with integrated particle filter system is installed. Core component is the very rugged and efficient P 100 impact crusher with an impact mill inlet measuring 970 x 920 mm and a rotor diameter measuring 1200 mm. This repeatedly proven Gipo impact mill is combined with a large rescreening unit, which comes with a host of advantages, especially in recycling.

The crusher is driven hydraulically. With the separate 2-deck prescreening, improved quality of the end-product is achieved thanks to the removal of the wear-intensive fine material, flaky particles and any impurities. With this prescreener, not only the crushing rate is increased, wear is reduced.

The material is discharged from the crusher on the proven discharge chute and a belt conveyor with a belt width of 1200 mm. This wide discharge belt prevents troublesome material jams under the rotor and at the transfer points, at the same time the height of the material bed is reduced considerably. This has a positive effect in recycling as any iron parts contained can be better picked up by the overbelt magnetic separator. The permanent magnet is arranged lengthwise at the transfer from the belt conveyor onto the crusher discharge of the screen. The crushed material is then screened on the large 2-deck screen with a screening area of 1500 x 3500 mm. Oversize can be discharged at the side or recirculated to the feeder. The belt conveyor for oversize recirculation can be hydraulically slewed by 180 ° as a stockpiling belt on a stable slewing console.

An air classifier is installed in the oversize circuit. With the help of a special air jet, low-gravity materials like wood, plastic and other lightweight impurities are blown out of the material stream. Like in other Gipo machines, the material flow concept itself avoids a narrowing of the material stream, the system widths of the conveying elements “open” up in the direction of material flow. The easy connection and disconnection of the screening unit to the crusher is done by means of hydraulic cylinder without extra lifting gear. Thanks to the good accessibility, the screening surfaces can be changed easily and fast without any problems.

“At Gipo, no one machine looks like another, we design all machines to precisely meet the customers’ needs,” explains Marco Cammarata, GIPO sales representative. This is also clear with this machine, as Bernhard Miller instantly confirms: “To transport the machine on our existing low-loader, Gipo had to modify the chassis accordingly. Consequently, the permanent magnet could be installed where we want it, and more importantly, the weight distribution with the slightly modified frame now fits optimally again.”

From the separately stored material groups, asphalt, construction rubble and concrete, Schwaben Recycling GmbH produces amongst other things three certified end-products, as operations manager Daniela Fischer shows us: “That is RC-mix 0/56 from clay brick and concrete as input materials, RC concrete 0/56 and RC-Asphalt 0/16. Here especially, it is necessary to strictly comply with standard values, and even in the short time with the Giporec, we have already established that with the screening options, the magnet and, of course, the air classifier, we can achieve completely different material qualities.”


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