Protecting people and the environment

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Climate protection is on everyone‘s lips, and electromobility is just one of the keywords that come up in this context. However, this also requires sustainable handling of the raw materials needed for the production of lithium-ion batteries, without which the electric drive of vehicles is inconceivable – e.g. graphite. For the maximum and effective use of this valuable raw material, Hosokawa Alpine has developed solutions for graphite rounding, see technical article from p. 42.


Equally important is the protection of people during work. REACH and other rules regulate, for example, the use of chemicals in the manufacture of conveyor belts, see Dunlop’s technical article from p. 46.


A third technical article (from p. 52) informs about weighing and dosing systems from Flexicon, through the use of which, for example, the rejection of material that does not meet the requirements of customers is reduced by 95 % and overall fluctuations of specific ingredients are avoided.


The articles in our Focus Industry section starting on p. 8 reflect the diverse areas of application in mineral processing – both in terms of the introduction of new machines and plants and in terms of further developments in process technology.


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