Dear Readers,

Discussions about our long-term raw material resources have been dominating the news of the present for quite some time. How long will phosphorus deposits last in order to be able to produce sufficient fertilizer worldwide or will we still have sufficient basic materials for the construction industry in the future ...? However, these discussions are led by the availability of metals and so-called critical raw materials. China has an outstanding share in the global supply and consumption of raw materials, which has doubled every decade since 1980. An in-depth analysis of China‘s raw materials policy can be found in the article „Critical Resources“ by Dr. Joachim Harder starting on p. 52. 

A number of other articles in this issue of  AT MINERAL PROCESSING shows how existing raw material deposits can be used more effectively – such as the processing of premium talc from p. 43 or the extraction of gold in Ghana from p. 30.

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Dr. Petra Strunk, Editor-in-Chief AT MINERAL PROCESSING


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